Day 4

We had a great day yesterday. We left at noon for the east coast. We didn’t quite make it to the coast, but to the coastal plains to a village called Christ the King. Some played soccer while Missionary Dan set up the Medical brigade and oriented 6 of our team to fill the prescriptions for the patients that he and a local staff nurse would prescribe to the consultants who came in as family groups. Estuardo, another local staff person, did the diagnostics for vision and gave out prescription and reading glasses in the room ajacent to the “medical room”. The two rooms were otherwise the two classrooms of the local school that served the thirty five families of this community. After the families had consulted, we showed the Jesus film, and a local pastor named Jesus, preached a message about walking with God, like Enoch. It’s one thing to claim Christ as Savior and King, but it’s another thing to grow in our trust and in a personal relationship with Christ, walking with him daily. In the end he called all those present to “rise up, and let the glory of God shine through them, committing themselves to walking with Jesus. They responded and all stood up and came forward to commit themselves to walking with Jesus, by accepting him as Savior and King. After that, we loaded everthing back up and made it home by 11:00 p.m. All has gone well and we are awed by God’s blessings. And from Pastor Ken, to his beloved wife, “I miss you, wish you could have been here with the group to experience all that we have. Love You. And greetings to Kayala.


Day 3.

Today was dedication day here in Guatemala. This consists of giving gifts, blessing the family/home, and having a time of worship together. Even though we don’t understand fully what the pastors were saying we knew in our hearts what it meant. It’s amazing to say that all the families came to acknowledge God as his savior. After all of the dedications we were able to have a little fiesta! We had the village all meet in the school yard. When we were their we played games, sang songs, and even hit a pinata! In the end the village of Panicuy wanted to thank us for everything we did. They made us woven bracelets and each had our own names on it. Just ask us about it when we get back! It’s a remembrance of what the people did for us in that village.

Day 2

           Yesterday (Day 2), we stucko’d the walls. It was fun, and messy! The rain started to come around, but we prayed for it to go away so it would not mess with the stucko, and it worked! It was great to see the Guatemalan families helping us out with the paint. They were so happy to see the inside of the house so colorful. The weather, overall, has been great. It was not too hot yesterday, so we were able to work comfortably. It has been raining every day, but only for a little while.

We have all been having a great time. We have also come to know eachother very well.